New Construction Purchase – You need a Buyer’s Agent


So, are you considering buying a new construction home or even better are you thinking of having your nest home built? You NEED a buyer’s agent to represent your best interest in the deal. Buying a new construction home is different than a resale home on many levels. However, the actual transaction can be very similar or even more challenging in many ways and it would behoove you to be represented.


The first and most important thing to realize is that the builder’s agent represents the builder, not you! In the great state of Florida, dual agency is illegal. The builder’s agent will either represent the transaction as a transaction broker or worse represent the builder solely and then you will have zero representation. Are you thinking that sounds like a terrible position to be in for the most expensive asset you will most likely ever purchase? Well, you are right!


In today’s extremely hot real estate market many buyers are turning towards new construction. In some ways it is much easier to walk into a home model and buy a home. You get to avoid the showing appointments, rejected offers, and multiple offer situations. It may seem very friendly in many cases to meet with the builder’s representative inside of an air-conditioned model center, but keep in mind the sales person behind the model desk is there to get the best deal for the builder, their client.


A buyer’s agent will help you with selecting the best neighborhood, the right builder, a great model, and help you choose the most desirable and cost-effective upgrades. A buyer’s agent will be there to help negotiate the best deal for you and to help you navigate the paperwork that you will need to sign in order to execute the sales contract. Your agent can also help you avoid many unknown pitfalls. Think about having a sewer drain or cell phone tower right behind your brand-new screened pool enclosure. These things may not be apparent when looking at a lot on a site plan, but a good agent may be able to help you avoid a less desirable lot.


A good local representative in your corner is worth every penny, especially considering that a buyer’s agent is usually paid by the seller (builder) at time of closing. In most cases it costs you nothing to be represented by a licensed agent and could cost you significantly to go it alone.


Our agents have extensive experience with the home building process and new construction sales transactions. We can help you achieve the best home at the best deal and direct you towards the best financing deals. Financing for new construction is different than a resale home. Don’t trust somebody else’s representative with the most important and most expensive purchase you will ever make.